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Maya Hee Cheese Sampler!

These videos show that the Romanian pop song, Dragostea Din Tei (better known to non-Romanians as “Maya Hee”) is cheesy all over the world! Enjoy.

American cheese! Probably the most famous, at least in the states. Very, very, cheesy.

Velveeta!This is an altered version of the Gary Brolsma vid with some odd stills thrown in, a couple of which are quite funny.

European cheese! This airplane-jumping video is by the short-lived Moldovan dance-band called O-Zone, which apparently became wildly popular in Europe. This is probably the original version, though some hold it's a remix of the one by Haiducii (below). Update! This link is to a much better-quality video than I had previously. Give it time to load, and be careful to adjust volume on your system, not on the webpage, or the vid will stop playing.

Lego cheese! Lego can do things that O-Zone couldn't—like break-dancing on airplane wings! Silly, yes, but darn cute, too.

Japanese cheese! Japanese Flash animation. Is it cheese? Or just tofu? (Hint: click on the orange characters to start playing.)

Cultured cheese! Here's a video by a the Italian group called Haiducii (Outlaws). Contrary to some reports that it's the original, it's definitely a remix of O-Zone's tune. It's probably not meant to be cheesy, but—Well, you decide. This one does have great sound quality. Turn up your speakers.

Record-breaking cheese! Arguably the best(?) of the bunch. This is must-see cheese. Yes, it stretches the definition of a “Maya Hee” webcam video (the “singer” gets distracted and switches to a German dance song halfway through, but later returns), but if you watch it through to the very end (and it is worth it), you’ll see just how much strength this crazy song (plus a lot of beer, I imagine) can inspire.

Napoleon Dynamite's cheesy dance! Napoleon gets down and boogies to a “numa numa” beat! Dance quality rivals that of the Lego lads, but this was performed by an actual, living nerd. The ending is great.

New! Kosher cheese! This Israeli version is, (surprise!) very cheesy! Most of the lyrics are in Hebrew, except for the intro and some of the “numa numa” chorus. (It makes the joke: The chorus is Numa, numa hey, numa, numa, hey, I don't get it, OK?) The link above is WMV. Here's the Quicktime version.

New! Idolacheese! A Flash animated version has Gary Brolsma performing on American “Idle.”

New! Chicken with CheeseA very short trailer for the movie Chicken Little features him break-dancing to our favorite song. According to Wikipedia, this clip helped popularize the song in Mexico.

Wikipedia article on Maya Hee cheese! Remember the days when you couldn't find anything like this in an encyclopedia?

Learn the language of cheese! Ah, the sublime poetry, in Romanian and English. Now if you can just hit the major ninth on “Maya Ha-ha”, you can sing it yourself!

I Couldn't have done it without . . .

So blame them, not me!

Are You Feeling Yatta?

Here's a clip of the unbelievably cheesy Japanese group Happatai singing their hit Yatta! on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show. Yes, there's even more at Patil's Yatta! page.


Here's a classic from The Muppet Show. Thanks, Everett!

Internet Help Desk

Want to know what's really happening at the Internet Help Desk when they put you on hold? Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie finally reveals the truth!

Holiday Cheese

Tired of fruitcake for the holidays? How about some fries with your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Year, or Eid cheer? It's Ding! Fries are Done. Would you like an apple pie with that?

The Web Is No Picnic!

Oh my! Daily Mail Picnic features dancing sheep warning of the dangers of the Web, to the tune of The Teddy Bears' Picnic!