It looks like Blogger is

It looks like Blogger is going to be my new blog solution. Their tags are easier for me to use and manipulate than Movable Type’s» were, and Blosxom» didn’t even have a built-in bloggy interface to simplify FTP-ing. That’s the whole point, guys! To be fair, there were a couple of poorly maintained, atrociously documented “plug-ins.”» I tried both Sxtem and Blog Post, and over several nights, couldn’t get either to work. Sxtem had the unexpected effect of requiring another blogging tool, w.bloggar», to actually do the work, and THAT one somehow connected me with a long-lost, forgotten, one-day blog I had created eight months ago at Blogger.»

Serendipity at work? I gave it a shot. I had a problem getting Blogger’s commenting to work for a while, until I discovered it was my error. (I had tried specifying detailed root server paths from the real root, but Blogger was only expecting addresses from the web-accessible part of my site.) Once fixed, Blogger worked like a charm, and it fits nicely into the layout of my new homepage. Blogger is not only free with unlimited blogs, but it makes emailing posts a snap, and if that weren’t enough there’s BlogThis!, a neat tool that fits on your browser and opens up a post with the address of a page and any text you’ve highlighted on it already populated. Great idea.

Blogger Help : What is BlogThis!?»

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